Ankh Shield
Type Accessory
Effects Grants immunity to knockback and fire blocks

Grants immunity to most debuffs

Source Crafted With: Obsidian Shield Ankh Charm

Crafted At : Tinkerer's Workshop

Cost to buy N/A
Cost to sell 5 Gold Coins

The Ankh Shield is an equipable crafted accessory item that gives 4 defense, grants immunity to knockback and negates damage from blocks that harm the player, such as Hellstone  and Meteorite , as well as many Debuffs. The Ankh Shield is the most elaborate accessory in the game, and with eleven different materials, it is one of the hardest accessories to get.

Debuffs prevented by this accessory include:

  • Slow
  • Confusion
  • Darkness
  • Silence
  • Curse
  • Broken Armour
  • Weakness
  • Bleeding
  • Poison
  • Burning

Debuffs NOT prevented by the Ankh Shield:

  • Blackout
  • Chilled
  • Cursed Inferno
  • Frozen
  • Ichor
  • Horrified
  • On Fire
  • Potion Sickness
  • Suffocation
  • The Tongue
  • Tipsy
  • Venom

Notes Edit

  • Although the Ankh Charm has no defense on its own, an Ankh Shield gains four defense from its Obsidian Shield ingredient. It is the only item craftable at the Tinkerer's Workshop  to gain extra defense over its parts combined.
  • This does not stop the Burning and Blackout caused by the developer's items. (I.e. Red's Wings, Cenx's Tiara).
  • This is an amazing endgame item, especially for magic users, as without you can't use magic weapons (and the Terra Blade).

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