Type Enemy
Health 45 Heart
Attack 10
Defense 6
Drops 60 CopperCoin Small

1 Antlion Mandible

1 Antlion Banner

The Antlion is an enemy found in Deserts during the day. They remain stationary with their head sticking out of the sand, and will shoot sand at players. They can only launch their projectile at an upwards angle (straight upwards or within ~45 degrees to the left or right), so approaching from lower ground means you will usually be out of their line of fire. Antlions will climb up walls if they are touching the wall.


  • Because the Antlion creates Sand Blocks as it attacks, sand is a renewable resource.
  • It has been seen that Antlions have somewhat rare and limited movement across the desert, instead of being entirely stationary.
  • The Antlion is based on real life antlion larvae which dig sand pits as traps for other insects. *The antlion will throw sand at escaping prey, causing its victims to lose footing and tumble down into the center of the pit where the hungry antlion is waiting.
  • The Albino Antlion variant also appears as it is Mobile and console exclusive!

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