Arch Wyvern
Arch Wyvern 1
Type Hardmode Enemy
Health 8000
Attack 70
Defense 40
Drops Soul of Flight

10 GoldCoin Small

Arch Wyverns are dangerous Hardmode Enemies that spawn on Floating Islands. They can pass through blocks and have very high health and attack, making them a very boss-like enemy. They are a harder, rarer version of the Wyvern


Arch Wyverns will only spawn on Floating Island altitudes, but can follow the player to the surface and even underground. They will not spawn if another Wyvern or Arch Wyvern is already present, and their spawning can be prevented by having an NPC nearby.


  • Arch Wyverns can follow the player back to their spawn point even if a Magic Mirror is used.
  • They drop Souls of Flight which are very useful for making Wings.
  • They are often considered as of the Hardest Hardmode enemies.
  • They are much faster than normal Wyverns.