Armor is a set of items that provide the player with defense ratings, that reduces the damage taken by players from enemies and environmental hazards. Armor reduces damage damage taken by a player by half its defense rating.

Armor has various parts: Helmet, Chestplate (or Breastplate) and Greaves. Some other items, like Shackles or reforged items can also provide defense.

Pre-Hardmode Edit

Sprite Item Defense Set Bonus
Wooden Armor 2 1 Defense
Copper armor
Copper Armor 4 2 Defense
Iron Armor 7 2 Defense
Silver armor
Silver Armor 10 3 Defense
Gold armor
Gold Armor 13 3 Defense
Jungle armor
Jungle Armor 15
  • -16% Mana Cost
  • 20 extra Mana
  • 3% increased Magic crit. chance
Meteor armor
Meteor Armor 16
  • 21% Increased Magic Damage
  • Space Gun takes 0 Mana
Necro armor
Necro Armor 16
  • 15% Increase Ranged Damage
  • 20% Chance not to consume ammo
Shadow armor
Shadow Armor 19
  • 15% Increased Speed
  • 21% Increased Melee Speed
Molten armor
Molten Armor 25
  • 17% Increased Melee Damage
  • Fire particles

Hardmode Edit

Sprite Item Defense Set Bonus
Cobalt armor
Cobalt Armor
  • 17 with Hat
  • 26 with Helmet
  • 19 with Mask
  • 3% Crit strike chance
  • 10% Movement Speed
Mythril armor
Mythril Armor
  • 24 with Hood
  • 37 with Helmet
  • 27 with Mask
  • 3% Crit strike chance
  • 5% Damage
Adamantite armor
Adamantite Armor
  • 24 with Headgear
  • 46 with Helmet
  • 32 with Mask
  • 4% Crit strike chance
  • 5% Movement Speed
  • 6% Damage
Hallowed armor
Hallowed Armor
  • 31 with Headgear
  • 35 with Helmet
  • 50 with Mask
  • 7% Crit strike chance
  • 8% Movement Speed
  • 7% Damage
Spectral armor
Spectral Armor (Console/Mobile exclusive) 40
  • 150 increased Mana
  • 30% Increased Mana Damage
  • 25% Magic Crit. Chance
  • 33% Less Mana usage
  • 10% Movement Speed
Titan armor
Titan Armor (Console/Mobile exclusive) 45
  • 30% Ranged Damage
  • 48% Chance not to consume ammo
  • 10% Movement Speed
  • 20% Ranged crit. chance
Dragon armor (old)
Dragon Armor (Console/Mobile exclusive) 76
  • 15% Melee Speed & Damage
  • 31% Movement Speed
  • 25% Crit. Chance


Highest values in each column are bold.


  • Dragon Armor is a recolored Jungle armor sprite.
  • Dragon, Spectral and Titan armor can only be crafted in console edition.
  • Dragon Armor is now the second best armour due to the 1.2.1 update.
  • The best Warrior layout in the 1.2.1 update is the Dragon Mask, Turtle Chestplate and Turtle Leggings.
  • You can find Ancient Shadow Armor and Ancient Cobalt Armor as rare drops.
  • Some of the alternative Armors are stronger then the default Armours.
  • Mining Armour can be found, only the Shirt and Pants are available and the Mining Helmet can only be purchased to give the Full Armour Special Effect.
  • The Ancient Gold and Iron Helmet be found as a lucky drop.
  • The Ancient Shadow armor is interchangeable with the normal Shadow Armor.
  • Chlorophyl Armour gives a special bonus where a floating Leaf Crystal will appear above your head and will shoot out Leaves when fighting Enemies.
  • The Ninja Outfit is classified as Armor in the PC version but only classed as vanity in Console, Andriod and Mobile Version.

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