The Armored Skeleton is a Hardmode enemy which can be found in the Caverns during Hardmode along with Skeleton Archers. They have a 1/6 chance to inflict the Broken Armor debuff for 5 minutes on contact. They are immune to the Poisoned debuff.

Armored Skeleton
Armored Skeleton
Type Undead Enemy
Health 260 Heart
Attack 40
Defense 28
Drops 1 Armor Polish

1 Beam Sword

1 Armored Skeleton Banner


  • As of 1.2, Heavy Skeletons never spawn anymore, and are replaced by Armored Skeletons. This is due to the fact that certain enemies can now have different sizes, along with slightly changed stats, like defense, health, and damage.
  • Prior to 1.2, Heavy Skeletons were larger versions of Armored Skeletons, with increased defense and damage.
  • Armored Skeletons appear to be wearing a bluer variation of the Ancient Cobalt Breastplate with spiked shoulder guards.

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