Arms Dealer (NPC)
Type Vendor
Health 250
Defense 15
Sells Musket Ball Musket Ball 7 CopperCoin Small

Unholy Arrow Unholy Arrow 40 CopperCoin Small

Flintlock Pistol Flintlock Pistol 5 GoldCoin Small

New Minishark Minishark 35 GoldCoin Small

Illegal Gun Parts Illegal Gun Parts 25 GoldCoin Small

Silver Bullet Silver Bullet 15 CopperCoin Small

Shotgun Shotgun 25 GoldCoin Small

Empty Bullet Empty Bullet 3 CopperCoin Small

Stynger Bolt Stynger Bolt 75 CopperCoin Small

Stake Stake 15 CopperCoin Small

Candy Corn Candy Corn 5 CopperCoin Small

Explosive Jack 'O Lantern Explosive Jack 'O Lantern 15 CopperCoin Small

Nurse Hat Nurse Hat 3 GoldCoin Small

Nurse Shirt Nurse Shirt 3 GoldCoin Small

Nurse Pants Nurse Pants 3 GoldCoin Small

The Arms Dealer is an NPC that spawns in a house when certain conditions are met. He sells guns and related ammo, and during Blood Moons, Unholy Arrows as well. The Arms Dealer sometimes also sells parts which can be used to make guns. He also sells things at night, such as Illegal gun parts.


The Arms Dealer may spawn under the following conditions:

  • A house is present.
  • The merchant has already spawned.
  • The player has guns or ammo used by a gun in hand.


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