Baby Slime
Baby Slime
Type Slime
Health 30 Heart
Attack 13
Defense 4
Drops 10 CopperCoin Small

Gel Gel 1-2 (100%)

Slime Staff Slime Staff (0.01%)

Slime Banner (placed) Slime Banner (0.5%)

The Baby Slime is an enemy that spawns in groups of 2-3 whenever a Mother Slime is defeated. While not very dangerous, they can pose a hazard as several spawn at once, especially in the tight underground.



  • When the Baby Slimes spawn after their Mothers death, they have a chance to spawn in slightly different positions than where their Mother was. This can sometimes lead to 1 or all 3 baby slimes spawning inside your house as they can glitch past 1 block thick ground.
  • Though similar in looks, the Baby Slimes and Black Slimes are not to be confused with each other as they both have different attacks and coin drops.

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