Banners are decorative furniture that can be placed on the under-side of blocks. There are four craftable Banners (red, green, blue, and yellow). There are also several that are found naturally placed in various biomes, or are dropped from enemies. Banners are just for decoration, thus have no real function.

Banners that drop from enemies are known as Monster Banners. Nearly every enemy in the game has a corresponding Monster Banner, which it has a 0.5% chance to drop upon defeat.

Faction FlagsEdit

Faction Flags are Banners found in Dungeons. In post-Plantera worlds, the Faction Flags that are found hanging in a Dungeon area correspond to that background wall type (brick, slab, tile), both of which signify the types of enemies that will spawn there. 

  • Ankh Banner
  • Anomura Fungus Banner
  • Antlion Banner
  • Bat Banner
  • Bird Banner
  • Bone Serpent Banner
  • Bunny Banner
  • Corrupt Bunny Banner
  • Corrupt Goldfish Banner
  • Crab Banner
  • Crimera Banner
  • Demon Banner
  • Demon Eye Banner
  • Diabolic Sigil Banner
  • Eater of Souls Banner
  • Face Monster Banner
  • Gravity Banner
  • Green Banner
  • Hell Hammer Banner
  • Hellbound Banner
  • Helltower Banner
  • Lava Erupts Banner
  • Lost Hopes of Man Banner
  • Marching Bones Banner
  • Molten Legion Flag
  • Necromantic Sign
  • Obsidian Watcher Banner
  • Omega Banner
  • Ragged Brotherhood Sigil
  • Red Banner
  • Rusted Company Standard
  • Snake Banner
  • Sun Banner
  • Unicorn Banner
  • World Banner
  • Yellow Banner
  • Albino Antlion Banner
  • Albino Antlion Banner
  • Angler Fish Banner
  • Angry Nimbus Banner
  • Arapaima Banner
  • Arch Demon Banner
  • Arch Wyvern Banner
  • Armored Skeleton Banner
  • Black Recluse Banner
  • Blood Jelly Banner
  • Chaos Elemental Banner
  • Clown Banner
  • Crimson Axe Banner
  • Cursed Hammer Banner
  • Derpling Banner
  • Dragon Snatcher Banner
  • Tortoise Banner

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