Biomes are different types of landscapes located in the players' worlds.

Surface Biomes

Pre-hardmode biomes


  • The most common biome. Most probably the player will spawn in one.
  • Green grass grows here, as well as forest trees and mushrooms.
  • Slimes spawn during the day here (mostly green slimes).

Snow biome

  • Winter themed biome. It is abundant of snow, and trees grow here too.
  • It spawns on the same side of the dungeon; opposite side of the Jungle.
  • It sometimes fails to generate in a World leaving it without a Snow Biome.


  • This biome can be recognized due to its Sand and Cacti.
  • Vultures and Antlions may be found here, and these can be difficult for new players.


  • This biome can be recognized due to its dark-green grass. Trees grow here; common blocks are dirt and mud
  • It always spawns on the opposite side of the Dungeon.

The Corruption

Making the world evil... - This message appears when creating a new world with the Corruption in it. When trying to generate a world with the Corruption in it, look for this dialogue during world creation.

  • There is a 50 percent chance that a world has a Corruption.
  • It is recognized due to its dark background, purple grass and trees. Large chasms are underground there, having Demon Altars.
  • It is a very dangerous place for new players, due to the strong enemies like Eater of Souls.

. The Crimson

  • Making the world bloody… -This message appears when creating a new world with the Crimson in it. When trying to generate a new world with the Crimson in it, look for this in the dialogue during world creation.
  • The counterpart of the Corruption, but a little more difficult.
  • You can recognize it because of its red texture.
  • The chasms in the Crimson widen into a large cave and then split into smaller chasms.
  • The Crimson also has Altars but are called Crimson Altars.
  • Both can be spread from the clentaminator

Surface mushroom biome

  • This is an always artificial biome.
  • Players can make one by planting glowing mushroom seeds on mud, on the surface or by using the clentaminator.


  • Spawns at the extreme sides of the map.
  • Consists of a beach followed by a giant bodies of water.

Floating island

Hardmode biomes

The Hallow

Spawns after beating WoF.

  • Has light blue grass and multi-colored trees
  • Enemies include Pixies, Unicorns, Gastropods, etc.
  • Contaminates adjacent blocks.
  • Can be spread by the clentaminator, hallow seeds and Holy water

Underground biomes

Pre-hardmode biomes



The Underworld

Hardmode biomes

Underground corruption

Underground Hallow

Themed Underground Biomes

Underground Jungle

Underground Mushroom Biome