Black Recluse
Black Recluse
Type Hardmode Enemy
Health 200
Attack 90 (on ground)

100 (on wall)

Defense 40
Drops Poison Staff

6 SilverCoin Small

Black Recluse is a Hardmode Enemy that spawns in Spider's Nests. They debuff the player with Venom and are immune to the Poisoned Debuff.


The Black Recluse follows the Spider AI, and thus can both crawl on walls and on normal terrain, but it deals much more damage while on a wall. It's venom too, can deal upto 40 damage, and it has very high damage, and therefore is one of the Hardest Hardmode enemies.


  • Due to the fact that it is black, it is extremely hard to see in Dark Caverns.
  • "Black Recluse" is a coinage of the two spider species "Black Widow" and "Brown Recluse"
  • They can rarely spawn outside Spider Nests as well.

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