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Bosses are strong, large enemies with high Health and Attack power that usually need to be defeated to advance the game directly or indirectly. They can be summoned by their own specific items or be spawned naturally when a certain stage of the game is reached.


Sprite Boss Health Attack Spawn Description
Eye of Cthulhu 2800 15 Suspicious Looking Eye This boss can be summoned at night and resembles a eye. This is also the very first boss that a new player should face.
King Slime-1
King Slime 2000 40 Slime Crown This Slime Boss can be summoned at any time of the day using the Slime Crown or spawns randomly when player is in the outer parts of the world.
Eater of Worlds Head
Eater of Worlds 7500 22 Breaking Shadow Orbs/Using Worm Food This is a Corruption Boss that resembles a worm. It splits into different segments whenever it is wounded.
Brain of Cthulhu
Brain of Cthulhu 1000 30
  • Breaking 3 Crimson Hearts
  • Using Bloody Spine
This is a Crimson boss that resembles a brain. It spawns Creepers to protect itself.
Queen Bee
Queen Bee 3400 30
  • Breaking Larva
  • Using Abeemination
This is a Jungle Boss found inside a Hive.
Wall of Flesh Mouth
Wall of Flesh 8000 50 Throwing Guide Voodoo Doll into Lava This is the final Pre-Hardmode boss. When killed, Hardmode is opened for that current world.