Brain of Cthulhu First Form (Boss)
Brain of Cthulhu
Type Enemy
Health 1000 Heart
Attack 30
Defense 14
Drops Hearts

The Brain of Cthulhu is a boss and is the Crimson counterpart to the Corruption's Eater of Worlds. Much like its cousin, fighting it is essential for progression, as the Brain and its attendant Creepers are the only source of the Tissue Samples and quantities of Crimtane Ore needed to craft advanced tools and armor.

First phaseEdit

Initially, the Brain of Cthulhu is invincible, but is surrounded by numerous relatively weak Creepers that attempt to ram into the player. The Brain goes around the player, drawing nearer before goes away again in a random direction. The Creepers do not teleport along with it, but are instead pulled between the player and the Brain in giant, sweeping orbits. When all of the Creepers are killed, the Brain shifts to its second form

Second phaseEdit

In the second phase, the Brain can finally be hit, continuing to fly around but pursuing the player much more aggressively. Its speed increases and it will attempt to ram the player before moving to a new random location.

Brain of Cthulhu Second Form (Boss)
Brain of Cthulhu-2nd
Type Enemy
Health 1000 Heart
Attack 30
Defense 14
Drops Brain of Cthulhu Trophy Brain of Cthulhu Trophy (10%)

File:Crimson Ore.png Crimson Ore 30-80 (100%)

Lesser Healing Potion Lesser Healing Potion 5-15 (100%)

Tissue Sample Tissue Sample 30-50 (100%)


  • The Brain of Cthulhu, along with the Eye of Cthulhu, is based on the character Cthulhu from the works of the author H.P. Lovecraft.
  • The Brain of Cthulhu has a hardmode counterpart: Ocram.
  • The Brain of Cthulhu has the least HP out of all the bosses, with even less than the Eye of Cthulhu in its second form.
  • Somtimes, the creepers won't spawn, which makes the Brain of Cthulhu invincible.
  • The BoC is the most disgusting boss there is (in the editors opinion).

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