Breaker Blade
Breaker Blade
Type Weapon
Damage 39
Speed Average
Knockback 8

The Breaker Blade is a Hardmode weapon. It is the biggest sword in the game and also has the most Knockback too. It is one of the possible drops from the Wall of Flesh


  • It is the largest sword in the game and has the longest range. The Blade of Grass comes in second.
  • While slightly weaker than Night's Edge, it is still larger and has stronger knockback.
  • Due to its great size, it can hit an enemy 3 times with a single swing.
  • This weapon's huge knockback power can prove to be quite a formidable weapon in Hardmode against enemies that have high resistance to knockback. 
  • This sword is a reference to the Buster Sword wielded by Cloud Strife in the game Final Fantasy VII. It is similar in both the name (Breaker Blade / Buster Sword) and the appearance.



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