Bugs are errors in a game that cause gameplay to be different from what it was intended to be by the developers. They can have both positive and negative effects toward the players, ranging from world-corruptingly bad to infinite-money amazing.

Bugs are denoted by use of the template. Like so:

18px-Bug Bug : This is a sample bug.

List of bugs

  • Placing a Torch may cause a Demon Altar to break.
  • Using a Mechanical Worm will spawn Destroyer will remain in the inventory.
  • When using Guide Voodoo Dolls in the Underworld, the Wall of Flesh may not spawn at all and the Doll will disappear.
  • The door to the jungle temple can be blown open with either dynamite or bombs. Sticky bombs work the best.
  • Any consumable item can be reused ( click item then click inventory and switch its spot) NOTE the item can become glitched not working properly being deleted * test at own risk tested on pumpkin medallion and mechanical skull, mechanical eye, and mechanical worm and on pumpkin pie and on life crystals/mana stars.
  • Another glitch like this is to select the item, then select another item on the hotbar within about ~0.5 Seconds, the Item you switched to will be consumed, eg. Using one life fruit 20 times, each time switching to a stack of wood, will consume 20 Pieces of wood. Be Careful when doing this, as one can accidentally consume a precious item. (Terra Blade, Dragon Mask et cetera.)
  • Corrupters will not spawn.
  • There are some lines and names that are wrong with the NPCs. (Non Playable Characters) for example, the pirate can say, "and then unit 492-8 said, who dyou think I am, unit 472-6? HA. HA. HA." a line that comes from the cyborg. Also, the arms dealer can be called Xavier, which is one of the names of the goblin tinkerer. There are plenty of others, too.


Anomalies are quirks that can only happen with a certain item or weapon. They are denoted by use of their template. Like so:

14px-Anomaly Anomaly: This is a sample anomaly.

Anomaly 1: me

Anomaly 2: you