Coins are in-game currency that can be traded with NPCs to purchase any object or vice-versa. It can be obtained by killing enemies, bosses, in chests and pots.


  • CopperCoin Small Copper Coins (Basic, dropped by most enemies)
  • SilverCoin Small Silver Coins (Equal to 100 Copper Coins)
  • GoldCoin Small Gold Coins (Equal to 100 Silver Coins)
  • PlatinumCoin Small Platinum Coins (Equal to 100 Gold Coins, highest possible)


  • For trading items
  • For reforging
  • For healing (Nurse NPC)


  • Coins cannot be crafted, except with 100 of their predecessor or 1 of their following coin.
  • Coins can be obtained by selling items to NPCs also.