Crystal Storm
Crystal Storm
Type Magical Weapons
Damage 25
Speed 16
Knockback 5

The Crystal Storm is a Hardmode magical weapon that rapid-fires a spray of tiny crystals, at a rate that is similar to that of the Minishark  . The crystals are not gravity-bound and last about 3 seconds each, bouncing off walls and losing velocity until eventually disappearing in midair. Its speed at impact does not affect their damage output. The crystals will also provide a small amount of light. 


  • The projectiles move slower if fired under water, and will not speed up after leaving water.
  • The "crystals" can be firefired through 1 block spaces.
  • It can be obtained prior to entering Hardmode on mobile as a rare drop, 0.2% (1 in 500) chance, from an Arch Demon.



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