Cyborg (NPC)
Type Town NPC
Health 250 Heart
Defense 20
Sells Rocket I Rocket I 50 CopperCoin Small

Rocket II Rocket II 2 SilverCoin Small 50 CopperCoin Small

Rocket III Rocket III 1 SilverCoin Small

Rocket IV Rocket IV 5 SilverCoin Small

Proximity Mine Launcher Proximity Mine Launcher 35 GoldCoin Small

Nanites Nanites 10 SilverCoin Small

Cyborg Helmet Cyborg Helmet 3 GoldCoin Small

Cyborg Shirt Cyborg Shirt 3 GoldCoin Small

Cyborg Pants Cyborg Pants 3 GoldCoin Small

The Cyborg is a Hardmode, post-Plantera NPC that will appear once Plantera has been defeated at least once in the current world, and a vacant house is available. He sells "High-Tech" items.


  • "Sometimes I come off a bit... Get it? A Bit?"
  • "I built myself a taste mechanism, so I can drink some ale!"
  • "This sentence is false, or is it?"
  • "And then Unit 492-8 said, 'Who do you think I am, Unit 472-6?' HA HA HA"
  • "My expedition efficiency was critically reduced when a projectile impacted my locomotive actuator."
  • (Only if guide is present)"Have you defeated the Wall of [Guide name]?(reference to the rumor that the guide is the WoF)
  • (When pirate is present)Sure, me and [Name of Pirate] are pals, but I hate it when his parrot does his business on me. That stuff's corrosive!'
  • (When steam punk is present)"So that 'punk'lookin' chick is an inventor, eh? I think I could show her a thing or two!"

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