Dark Caster
Dark Caster
Type Dungeon Enemy
Health 50
Attack 20
Defense 2
Drops 140 CopperCoin Small

Ancient Necro Helmet Ancient Necro Helmet

Bone Wand Bone Wand

Bone Bone (1-3)

Clothier Voodoo Doll Clothier Voodoo Doll

Golden Key Golden Key

Dark Caster is a powerful Caster Enemy that spawns in the Dungeon. They shoot Water Spheres that can travel through tiles. They are immune to the Poisoned debuff.


  • The Water Spheres reveal the map as they travel, even while traveling through solid blocks.
    • Therefore, Dark Casters can be used to map areas just outside the dungeon walls.
  • Like Tim, it wears a robe.
  • It has a chance to drop a Ancient Necro Helmet
  • They were once immune to the On Fire debuff.
  • They follow the Caster AI.

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