The Devourer is a larger version of the Giant Worm and a weaker version of the World Feeder. It can be found in The Corruption. However, once one has targeted the player, it can follow the player out of The Corruption. The Devourer will spawn at night or in deep chasms where Shadow Orbs can be found. In order for enemies such as Devourers and The Eater of Worlds to spawn outside of The Corruption, 500 Ebonstone blocks must be nearby.

Like other worms, each segment of the Devourer has its own HP, including the head. Killing one part of the Devourer kills the whole thing, although a glitch can occur where even when you kill a part of it, it won't die.

Similar to the Bone Serpent, each part of the Devourer has a chance to drop loot. Using explosives (especially Grenades, which require less timing than Bombs) to kill multiple segments at once is the best way to maximize your drops. Any explosive will kill it in one hit. Be aware that this enemy does not take damage from lava.

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