Dirt Block
Dirt Block
Type Natural
Effects Unknown
Source Mine
Cost to buy 0 CopperCoin Small
Cost to sell 0 CopperCoin Small

Dirt is a basic tile in Terraria that makes up most of the surface of the world. It is used for crafting some basic items or building temporary structures. It is easily broken using Pickaxes.


Dirt can be obtained using a Pickaxe. It is found in large quantities on the surface and also underground in plenty.


Dirt is often used to make temporary structures as it is broken easily. Dirt Walls can be made using Dirt. Grass can spread on Dirt, and trees can be grown on it.


  • Dirt is not a major crafting ingredient like Wood.
  • Although the colour of grass is different, the Dirt present in The Hallow and The Corruption will yield itself.