Dungeons are generated structures that are created during the creation of a world. It contains Locked Golden Chests and many other items not obtainable by any other means. They also have several threats, including Angry Bones and Spike Balls.


To enter the Dungeon, the player needs to defeat Skeletron, a boss summoned by talking the Old Man at the entrance of the Dungeon. If the player enters the Dungeon without defeating Skeletron, The Dungeon Guardian will attack him/her.


The Dungeon Contains many enemies:

Enemy Health Description
Angry Bones 80 Skeleton Enemy
Dark Caster 150 Caster Enemy
Dungeon Slime 150 Slime Enemy
Blazing Wheel 100 Cannot be Killed
Spiked Ball 100 Cannot be killed
Cursed/Dragon Skull 50 Flying Enemy


  • Dungeons are updated once Plantera is defeated.