Dungeon Guardian (Boss)
Skeletron Head
Dungeon Guardian Head
Type Enemy/Boss
Health 1000
Attack 1000
Defense 9999

Dungeon Guardian is an enemy who spawns once the player reaches the Cavern layer of the Dungeon without defeating Skeletron. It does approximately 9999 Damage per hit, therefore killing the player immediately. He is often considered a boss.


The Dungeon Guardian spins and attacks the player, killing him/her immediately.


  • The Dungeon Guardian now drops the bone key.
  • The attack was reduced from 9999 to 1000 in 1.2.
  • Multiple dungeon guardians can spawn at one time
  • Dungeon guardians can be killed but only through certain strategies
  • Dungeon guardians have the same head as skeletron.
  • Dungeon guardians can almost never be outrunned.
  • When dungeon guardians spawn, they make the same sound as when a boss is activated