Ebonwood is The Corruption replacement for normal wood. Its properties are generally the same as that of normal wood, but it has the characteristic dark purple tint of the Corruption. It is obtained by cutting down trees within the Corruption.

Type Natural
Effects Unknown
Source Mine
Cost to buy 10 SilverCoin Small
Cost to sell 10 SilverCoin Small

Used inEdit

  • Ebonwood Platform
  • Ebonwood Work Bench
  • Ebonwood Wall
  • Ebonwood Fence
  • Ebonwood Door
  • Ebonwood Chair
  • Ebonwood Chest
  • Ebonwood Table
  • Ebonwood Lantern
  • Ebonwood Candle
  • Ebonwood Candelabra
  • Ebonwood Lamp
  • Ebonwood Helmet
  • Ebonwood Breastplate
  • Ebonwood Greaves
  • Ebonwood Sword
  • Ebonwood Hammer
  • Ebonwood Bow
  • Ebonwood Piano
  • Ebonwood Bed
  • Ebonwood Dresser
  • Ebonwood Bookcase
  • Ebonwood Sofa
  • Ebonwood Clock
  • Ebonwood Chandelier
  • Ebonwood Bathtub

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