Type Utility Item
Effects Converts Silt & Slush into important items
Source Gold Chests
Cost to buy N/A
Cost to sell 2 GoldCoin Small

"Turns Silt and Slush into something more useful" - Tooltip

Extractinator is an item added in the 1.2 Update. It is a very powerful object as it gives a much more useful item when silt or slush is placed in it, including coins, gems, summoning items, and other items. 

It can be found in Gold Chests underground.

Possible ItemsEdit

Possible outcomes are:-

  • Pre-Hardmode Ores - 33.3% 
  • Gems - 4%
  • Amber - 2%
  • Amber Mosquito- 0.02%
  • Platinum Coin- 0.02%
  • Gold Coin- 0.25%
  • Silver Coin- 3.33% Chance
  • Copper Coin- 57.05% 


  • Copper Coins will only be given if everything else fails.
  • It is very resource efficient as slush and silt as very easy to find.

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