Eye of Cthulhu (Boss)
Eye of Cthulhu
Type Pre-Hardmode Boss
Health 2800 Heart
Attack 15
Defense 12
Drops N/a, Spawns Second Form.

The Eye of Cthulhu is a boss, and generally the first boss a player will face in Terraria. The Eye of Cthulhu has two forms- one in which it spawns Servants of Cthulhu, and a second, stronger form in which it charges straight into the player. It must be defeated before daylight or it will despawn.

Spawn Edit

The Eye of Cthulhu may be summoned using a Suspicious Looking Eye. It may also spawn naturally if the following conditions are met:

  • One player has over 200 Heart & 10 Defense
  • It has not been defeated already in the current world.
  • 3 NPCs have spawned.

Note: If 20 Demon Eyes are killed in one night, chances of the Eye to spawn increase.

Eye of Cthulhu (2nd Form) (Boss)
Eye of Cthulhu (Second Form)
Type Pre-Hardmode Boss
Health 1400 Heart
Attack 23
Defense 0
Drops 4 GoldCoin Small

Demonite Ore Demonite Ore (30-87) (Corrupt Worlds)

Unholy Arrow Unholy Arrow (20-49) (Corrupt World)

Corrupt Seeds Corrupt Seeds (1-3) (Corrupt World)

Crimtane Ore Crimtane Ore (30-87) (Crimson World)

Crimson Seeds Crimson Seeds (1-3) (Crimson World)

Lesser Healing Potion Lesser Healing Potion 5-15 (100%)

Eye of Cthulhu Trophy Eye of Cthulhu Trophy (10%)

Binoculars Binoculars (2.5%)

Appearance Edit

The Eye of Cthulhu is basically a big eyeball that resembles Demon Eyes. In its second form, the eyeball of the boss will turn into a big mouth. It becomes stronger in its second form.

Attacks Edit

Phase 1 Edit

The Eye of Cthulhu, in its first form, spawns in many Servants of Cthulhu, which are small eyes like Demon Eyes, but weaker. The Eye also deals damage when the player comes in contact with it. The eye is sort of letting his slaves do the work while he only butts in once or twice. While in this state, consider using a ranged weapon.

Phase 2 Edit

While changing into its second form, the Eye of Cthulhu will spin rapidly, tearing of its eye showing a mouth, making it vulnerable to any attacks during the transformation. It then changes into its new appearance and now doesn't spawn in servants of Cthulhu. now use a high damage broad sword and keep swinging. at least a starfury would do. The eye has higher damage, no defense , and less health in this stage, so it is recommended to drink a Ironskin potion and a Thorns potion first.

Trivia Edit

  • The Eye of Cthulhu has a Hardmode form: The Twins.
  • The Eye of Cthulu can be killed instantly, but very rarely, by a falling star.
  • The eye of cthulhu can drop demonite ore.

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