Fire Imp
Fire Imp
Type Pre-Hardmode Enemy
Health 70
Attack 30
Defense 16
Drops Obsidian Rose

Plumber's Hat

Fire Imp is a Pre-Hardmode caster enemy that spawns in the Underworld. It fires burning spheres at the player that can travel through blocks but can be halted though the swing of a melee weapon. 


It has both melee and caster attacks, but the caster is much deadlier as it can set the player on fire which can be lethal for players with lesser armour. It pauses for 3 seconds between each attack and then teleports to a random lacation.


  • Fire Imps are immune to Lava, the On Fire! debuff, and the Cursed Inferno debuff.
  • Fire Imps require a target space of 4 blocks high by 3 blocks wide to teleport into a location, while they can spawn in a 3 block high by 2 block wide space that is off screen.

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