Flails are a class of melee weapons. They are generally slow and powerful weapons. There are six flails available in the game so far. 

Thrown FlailsEdit

  1. Can be "thrown" but are restricted by the length of their chain;
  2. Can pierce infinite enemies;
  3. Are affected by gravity;
  4. Will come back to the player.
Weapon Icon Damage Speed Launched?
Ball O' Hurt Ball O' Hurt 15 Very Slow No
Blue Moon Blue Moon 23 Very Slow No
Sunfury Sunfury 33 Very Slow No
Dao of Pow Dao of Pow 49 Very Slow No
Flower Pow Flower Pow 52 Very Slow No

Launched flailsEdit

Launched flails are similar to flails in that they fire a projectile, but:

  1. They do not pierce;
  2. The projectile will not drag around the player's feet if the fire button is held;
  3. They have auto-fire capabilities.

There is only one in the game so far.

Weapon Icon Damage Speed Launched?
Harpoon Harpoon 25 Very Fast Yes

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