Floating Islands are large masses of land that, true to their namesake, float in the sky. They contain chests in houses made of metal bricks (copper/silver/gold) and walls. Floating Islands below them have vines, and generate with many precious ores like Gold and Silver as well.


Floating Islands can be located in several ways-

  • Firing Meteor Shots into the sky. If they bounce back, there is a floating island above.
  • Flying up using Spectre Boots, Rocket Boots, or Wings and noticing Hanging Vines.
  • Firing a Water Bolt into the sky: same as Meteor Shots but slower.
  • Using Gravitation Potions or Wings.


Floating Islands have a few enemies:


  • Floating Islands may be corrupted or hallowed.
  • Chests may contain Horseshoes, required to negate fall-damage.
  • Floating Islands contain the Wyvern  in Hardmode, which is the only enemy that drops Souls of Light
  • Before 1.2.0 came out, you needed a golden key from the Dungeon in order to open the chests in floating islands.