Type Slime
Health 220 Heart
Attack 60 (melee)

25 (ranged)

Defense 20
Drops 5-10 Gel

Gastropod Banner Gastropod Banner

6 SilverCoin Small

The Gastropod is an enemy that spawn at night in The Hallow. They fly while periodically opening their mouths and shooting a laser at the player.


  • Gastropods can and will enter water to chase the player and they are very formidable at flying and shooting underwater.
  • Attacking the Gastropod while it is in its pre-firing stage will hinder it from shooting.


  • Gastropods and Slimers are the only flying slimes.
  • Gastropods drop more Gel than any other Slime. This makes them excellent for grinding Gel.
  • Gastropods are a class of mollusk like snails and slugs.

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