Gel is a common crafting material dropped by most Slimes, as well as by Slimed Zombies and Gastropods. Gel is vital due to it being an ingredient in torches, and is used regularly from the beginning stages all the way through to endgame scenarios. It is also used as ammunition for the Flamethrower, and can be stored in the inventory's ammo slots. It is used in crafting Torches, Sticky Bombs, Sticky Glowsticks, and various Potions. Gel is also used in the crafting of the Slime Crown used to summon King Slime.

Type Ammunition – Crafting material
Effects "Both tasty and flammable."
Source Slimes, Slimed Zombies and Gastropods
Cost to buy Unknown
Cost to sell 1 CopperCoin Small

Trivia Edit

  • Gel obtained from any slime is always blue, regardless of the slime's color.
  • Although the Gel's tooltip states that it is tasty, the player cannot eat it or craft it into a consumable food.

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