Giant Tortoise
Giant Tortoise
Type Hardmode Enemy
Health 470
Attack 80
Defense 30
Drops 5 SilverCoin Small

Turtle Shell Turtle Shell (5.88%)

Tortoise Banner Tortoise Banner (0.5%)

Giant Tortoise is a Hardmode enemy that spawns in the Jungle biome. It is very dangerous and can be very hard to beat for newer Hardmode players. 


It is considered very difficult to fight because it has a very high defense and attack power. They can lower the player's health a good amount and may even kill them. They attack by rolling themselves through the air, and their attacks are very precise.


  • A continously damaging (fast) weapon like a Megashark or a melee weapon like the Excalibur is very effective in killing these.
  • Their Snowy biome alternative is Ice Tortoise.
  • They are highly valued for their shells that are used in crafting.
  • The Dark Lance is also highly effective, allowing you to defeat one in less than 10 seconds!

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