The Goblin Army is a group of enemies that attack during a specific event known as the Goblin Invasion. It takes place when certain criteria are met. 


  • Goblin Warrior
    Goblin Warrior: 
    A Strong Goblin with high health and high defense. They are slower, but are much more resistant to knockback.

  • Goblin Archer
    Goblin Archer:
    A Goblin that attacks from afar using bows and arrows. It aims slowly and releases in a few seconds.

  • Goblin Peon
    Goblin Peon: 
    Goblins without special abilities- very easy to kill and vulnerable to knockback.

  • Goblin Sorcerer
    Goblin Sorceror: 
    Caster Goblin Enemy. Shoots projectiles at the player that can pass through blocks. Have lowest health of all the goblins.

  • Goblin Thief
    Goblin Thief: 
    Faster enemies that can break doors faster as well. Cannot steal from chests, false to their namesake.


The criteria for the Goblin Army to spawn is:

  • The player has 200 Health.
  • One Shadow Orb has been destroyed.
  • A Goblin Army musn't have attacked in 11 in-game days.


The Goblin Army can be defeated easily if good equipment is used:

  • The player has a strong sword such as a Phaseblade.
  • A Good ranged weapon like Minishark or a Musket is used.
  • The Player has Gold or Shadow Armor .
  • A Flail (Blue Moon, Ball O' Hurt, Sunfury) is used.


Many strategies can be applied for the Goblin Army:

  • A Lava Moat is created, killing the Goblins but not destroying the loot.
  • Getting many friends to fight together.
  • Using a Vilethorn , that can stun Sorcerors.


  • The Goblin Army can attack during Hardmode; but dealing with them becomes easy when the game advances.
  • During Hardmode, Goblin Invasion can be replaced by the Pirate Invasion.