Goblin Scout
Goblin Scout
Type Goblin
Health 80 Heart
Attack 20
Defense 6
Drops 1-2 Tattered Cloth

1 Goblin Scout Banner

The Goblin Scout is a semi-rare enemy that can be found in above-ground environments. It is currently the only Goblin enemy to spawn outside of the Goblin Invasion event. Goblin Scouts are the only way to obtain the Tattered Cloth, required to craft the Goblin Battle Standard.


The Goblin Scout has similar spawning conditions as the King Slime. It will only appear on the surface during daytime in the outer two thirds of the world lengthwise. It will not spawn in the Corruption.

Bunnies, in contrast, will only spawn in the middle-third of the World or near a house; so if you see Bunnies and there is no nearby House, you will not see Goblin Scouts.

You can increase the chance of seeing a Goblin Scout by using Battle Potions, Water Candles, and by making a Jungle.


Goblin Scouts are able to open doors.

Goblin Scouts are one of the only two goblins that do not appear during a Goblin Army, Goblin Tinkerer being the second. Both have blue skin.

While they are called scouts, they do not actually signal an impending invasion, they are merely a rare enemy.

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