Golem (Boss)
Type Boss
Health 39000 Heart (Total)

16000 Heart (Head) 9000 Heart (Body) 7000 Heart (Each Fist)

Attack 12
Defense 26
Drops 15 GoldCoin Small

Stynger Stynger (12.5%)

Stynger Bolt Stynger Bolt (100%)

Possessed Hatchet Possessed Hatchet (12.5%)

Sun Stone Sun Stone (12.5%)

Eye of the Golem Eye of the Golem (12.5%)

Picksaw Picksaw (12.5%)

Heat Ray Heat Ray (12.5%)

Staff of Earth Staff of Earth (12.5%)

Golem Fist Golem Fist (12.5%)

Golem Trophy Golem Trophy (10%)

Greater Healing Potion Greater Healing Potion 5-15 (100%)

The Golem is a Hardmode boss that is summoned by using a Lihzahrd Power Cell on the Lihzahrd Altar, found in the Lihzahrd Temple, after Plantera has been killed.


The Golem's main body cannot move through blocks, but its fist and laser attacks can. Its stone head can also travel through blocks once it detaches in the second stage.


First stage

The Golem will shoot ricocheting fireballs, attack with its fists that extend from chains, and jump around. These increase in frequency as each part takes more damage: When the fists are damaged, they will attack more often; when the head is damaged, the Golem jumps and shoots more often. Golem's fists can travel through blocks and will also retract immediately upon being hit with any weapon.

Second Stage

When the head falls below half health (8000), all previous attacks continue, but the head will begin to fire lasers that can travel through blocks. It fires more rapidly as it takes more damage.

Third stage

When the head has taken full damage, the fist and laser attacks stop, and its stone head detaches to reveal its "true" mechanical head. The stone head flies around with increased speed, becoming invulnerable to attacks, and traveling through blocks. The true head then becomes available to target, with 9,000 health, and must be attacked to defeat Golem.

When the true head falls below half health (4500),the flying stone head will again begin firing lasers that travel through blocks while flying around. It fires more rapidly as it takes more damage.



  • Like most bosses, Golem will despawn if the player travels too far away, including traveling back through the Lihzahrd Temple.
  • It use to be possible to blow the temple door with explosives and summon golem pre-Plantera, even pre-hardmode. They did fix it however.