Guide Voodoo Doll
Guide Voodoo Doll
Type Drop
Effects Summons the Wall of Flesh
Source Kill Voodoo Demons
Cost to buy N/A
Cost to sell 1 SilverCoin Small

Guide Voodoo Dolls are items that drop from Voodoo Demons in the Underworld. When thrown into Lava in the Underworld, the Wall of Flesh will be summoned.

Note that Voodoo Demons replace regular Demons with a 15% chance and always drop the Voodoo Doll. Voodoo Dolls dropping after their carrier has died can still summon the Wall.


  • You can also summon the Wall of Flesh by 'using' the voodoo doll, just like when using a star, or potions.
  • You can also equip the doll in the Accessories slot, although this would make you able to kill the Guide using your weapons.