Hardmode is a harder version of the player's initial world, where enemies become harder, new bosses spawn, new NPCs can spawn and many biomes like the Corruption and the Hallow begin to spread. A world's status from regular will be changed to Hardmode if the Wall of Flesh (WoF) is defeated in the world.

Difficulty Edit

Like it's namesake, Hardmode makes Terraria much more difficult, adding new monsters, and making events such as the Blood Moon harder. While this is true, stronger weapons and armor are also added, so after the player reaches a certain level of armor and weapons, Hardmode may become easier.


Once Hardmode is activated, 3 new mechanical Bosses become available, which are Hardmode variants of their predecessors. Other bosses with spawn as well.



  • Hardmode items cannot be accessed without inventory editors Pre-Hardmode.
  • Hardmode is often confused with the PC game mode 'Hardcore'.

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