Headless Horseman
Type Monster/Mini Boss
Health 10,000 Heart
Attack 130
Defense 40
Drops 10 GoldCoin Small - 100%

Jack 'O Lantern Mask - 0.5%

The Headless Horseman is a monster that spawns during the Pumpkin Moon event. They are one of the hardest enemies of the Pumpkin Moon when outside in the open, as they have very high health, move very fast, are almost completely resistant to knockback, and do immense damage to a player in a short amount of time. A good way to defeat them as a swarm outside in the open is to fly, while hitting them with quick, piercing, high damage melee weapons such as the Terra BladePaladin's Hammer, etc. However, they are easier to defeat when outside a house or when the player builds a wall that makes them stuck outside it, the player could just hit it with any weapon unharmed. It spawns from wave 9 until wave 14.

Trivia Edit

  • These enemies may be a reference to the antagonist of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.
  • Despite being a Headless Horseman, they do not drop The Horseman's Blade.

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