Health Points (HP) are the number of hearts displayed on the players play screen, where 1 Heart represents 20 Health. A player starts with 100 Health but can increase it to 20 Hearts (400 Health) using Life Crystals. Health Points are measured in Hearts, each worth 20 Health. The player can also increase their health further, to 500, by using Life Fruits, at which point the hearts turn golden (Heart2) and each Heart2 is worth 25 Health. Life Fruits are found in the underground jungle after defeating the Wall of Flesh.


Damage can be taken by many forms- from enemies, lava, fire blocks, drowning, explosives, etc. This can deplete health and even kill the player. The player dies when HP reaches 0.


A player can be healed by using healing objects like Healing Potions, Mushrooms, Water, etc. Consuming these inflicts Potion Sickness, though. Potion Sickness is when the player cannot heal themselves for a set amount of time, normally 90 seconds. The time Potion Sickness lasts can be decreased by using accesories like the Philosopher's Stone .  The player can also heal themselves with the nurse's 'Heal' option.


  • Max health on Mobile is 500 while on other versions it is possible to get up to 600, by using potions & the like.
  • Health Points turn Gold once players reach 400+ Health, and start using Life Fruits.


Life Fruit (Tiles)
Life Fruit