Ice Golem
Ice Golem
Type Hardmode Enemy
Health 4000 Heart
Attack 60
Defense 32
Drops Frost Armor (1 piece)

Frost Staff
Ice Feather

Ice Golem is a Hardmode Enemy that spawns in the Snow biome during a blizzard. They are very tough enemies but are very beneficial to kill, as they drop items used to craft Frost Armor. Spawn rate is 5% so uncommon unique spawn rate during rainstorms/snowstorms


Ice Golems walk slowly and fire ranged blue lasers can freeze players. They only attack when they can see the player with their head, otherwise they will try and flee from the screen.


  • They are in no way related to Golem, the boss.
  • They are very hard to beat for newer players.
  • They do not drop Frost Cores in the Mobile Version as of 1.2.

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