Ice Queen is the final boss of the Frost Moon, an event summoned by the Naughty Present, and spawns in waves 11-20. It can be considered the Frost Moon's version of Pumpking. Most players who don't have a high defense rating might want to avoid this boss, as it can do high amounts of damage via its attacks and 130 base damage.

Ice Queen
[[File:Ice Queen|px|]]
Type Monster
Health 34000
Attack 130
Defense 39
Drops Snowman Cannon 4.4% - 7.52%

North Pole 4.4% - 7.52%

Blizzard Staff 4.4% - 7.52%

Baby Grinch Mischief's Whistle 0.95% - 1.67%

Reindeer Bells 0.56% - 0.83% (wave 15+)%

Ice Queen Trophy 25%/33%/50%

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