Illuminant Slime
Illuminant Slime
Type Slime
Health 180 Heart
Attack 70
Defense 30
Drops 4 SilverCoin Small

Gel Gel (1-2)

Slime Staff Slime Staff (0.01%)

The Illuminant Slime is a type of Slime that spawns in the Underground Hallow. It is a very dangerous enemy, despite its simple AI, especially in the confines of the underground where its bouncing will be very effective. With a high damage, it can easily massacre the player if the faster Illuminant Bats and vastly more durable Chaos Elementals don't get them first.



  • The Illuminant Slime trails the same pink glow that all enemies indigenous to the Underground Hallow - Chaos Elementals and Illuminant Bats are the other examples -trail.
  • It is possible to trap the Illuminant Slime in a tight cavern, due to its bounces having a set length. This can greatly ease the kill.

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