Lepus (Boss)
Type Boss
Health 20000 Heart
Attack 22
Defense 12
Drops 40 SilverCoin Small

Suspicious Looking Egg Suspicious Looking Egg (100%)

Lesser Healing Potion Lesser Healing Potion 5-20 (100%)

Egg Cannon Egg Cannon (50%)

Bunny Hood Bunny Hood (10%)

Boots of Ostara Boots of Ostara (50%)

Ninja Hood Ninja Hood (3%)

Ninja Shirt Ninja Shirt (3%)

Ninja Pants Ninja Pants (3%)

Soul of Might Soul of Might 3 (1%)

The Lepus is a mobile-only Boss that can be spawned during Easter. It lays two types of Easter Eggs: small ones that hatch Diseaster Bunnies, and bigger ones that hatch another weaker Lepus. These eggs can be damaged and destroyed by the player before hatching. A maximum of 5 Lepus can be spawned from the large eggs laid by the original Lepus, and after there are five, no more eggs will be laid (small or large). Only the last remaining Lepus will drop items.


  • If the player defeats Lepus while an unhatched large egg is still present, it spawns around 3-6 Diseaster Bunnies instead of a new Lepus.
  • Defeating Lepus will not fulfill the requirement for the Dryad to spawn.
  • Since it is a Seasonal content, Lepus can be fought by simply changing the device's date to April, when Easter is to happen. Though, not ALL devices will permit the changing of the date.


  • Lepus is the second Mobile Exclusive boss. (After Ocram) whom is console/mobile)
  • Lepus has an unused animation: instead of standing before making an egg, it would close its eyes and fold its ears, then open its eyes and mouth, and lift its ears up.
  • The word "Lepus" means "Hare" in Latin, and is used today as the name of the genus that hares and jackrabbits belong to. Rabbits, Known also as "Bunnies" and associated with Easter, are not actually members of "Lepus!"
  • It is very rare to get Souls of Might.
  • Lepus can be fought in the Corruption or the Hallow during Hardmode to drop souls of night or souls of light.
18px-Bug Bug : Lepus drops three Souls of Might

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