Life Fruit
Life Fruit
A Life Fruit, as seen in the Player's inventory.
Type Consumable
Effects Permanently Adds 5 Health Points (HP) Heart to a player's maximum life.
Source Underground Jungle
Cost to buy N/a
Cost to sell 1 GoldCoin Small


A Life Fruit is a consumable found in the Underground Jungle, after killing at least one of the three mechanical bosses. When consumed, it permanently adds 5 Health Points (HP) to the player's maximum life. It will sell for 1 Gold Coin GoldCoin Small. When the player uses it, the first red heart on his health bar will turn golden.


  • The Golden Heart in the sprite of the life fruit is not the same as the sprite of a Golden heart that the player will get.
  • The player cannot add all 20 Life Fruits unless they have already brought their health up to 400 Heart using only Life Crystals.

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