The Light Disc is a thrown melee weapon that stacks up to five, meaning up to five can be thrown at once (although this requires the crafting of five separate light discs). Its range is the longest of all thrown weapons. When thrown, it emits a minuscule amount of blue light. The Light Disc will bounce when it hits a wall. If used in an enclosed area, it can bounce rapidly, making it extremely hard to dodge, this makes it quite an effective weapon.

Light Disc
Type Thrown
Damage 36
Speed 14(Very Fast)
Knockback 8 (Very Strong)


  • Light Discs are not consumed when thrown, and will return to the player, similar to a Boomerang.
  • Only five can be thrown at one time, even with multiple stacks of Light Discs.
  • Even in open areas, it is hard to throw more than 4 Discs at once, so keep this in mind if you want to save some materials.
  • Light Discs cannot have prefixes, and cannot be reforged.
  • Instead of dropping the Compass, Mimics drop Light Discs

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