Merchant (NPC)
Type Town/Passive
Health 250 Heart
Defense 15
Sells Mining Helmet Mining Helmet 8 GoldCoin Small

Piggy Bank Piggy Bank 1 GoldCoin Small

Iron Anvil Iron Anvil 50 SilverCoin Small

Copper Pickaxe Copper Pickaxe 5 SilverCoin Small

Copper Axe Copper Axe 4 SilverCoin Small

Torch Torch 50 CopperCoin Small

Lesser Healing Potion Lesser Healing Potion 3 SilverCoin Small

Lesser Mana Potion Lesser Mana Potion 2 SilverCoin Small

Wooden Arrow Wooden Arrow 10 CopperCoin Small

Shuriken Shuriken 20 CopperCoin Small

Rope Rope 10 CopperCoin Small

Glowstick Glowstick 10 CopperCoin Small

Throwing Knife Throwing Knife 50 CopperCoin Small

Sickle Sickle 1 GoldCoin Small

Marshmallow Marshmallow 1 SilverCoin Small

Flare Flare 7 CopperCoin Small

Blue Flare Blue Flare 7 CopperCoin Small

Safe Safe 20 GoldCoin Small

Disco Ball Disco Ball 1 GoldCoin Small

Gold Dust Gold Dust 17 SilverCoin Small

Valentine Ring Valentine Ring 1 GoldCoin Small

Wiesnbräu Wiesnbräu 9 SilverCoin Small 95 CopperCoin Small

Turkey Feather Turkey Feather 10 GoldCoin Small

Heart Arrow Heart Arrow 50 CopperCoin Small

The Merchant is an NPC that spawns when suitable living conditions (house) has been provided. He sells basic items and can also be sold items to In exchange for coins. The merchant is the most basic vending NPC of the game.


The merchant spawns under the following circumstances:

  • All players in the game have combined 50 Silver coins.
  • A house is provided.


  • The merchant sells a special brew during Oktoberfest.
  • The merchant seems to like the Dryad, as he tries to sell her 'angel' statues.
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