Mimic (1)
Type Hardmode Enemy
Health 500 Heart
Attack 80
Defense 30
Drops 10 GoldCoin Small

Dual Hook DualHook (14.29%)

Philosopher's Stone Philosopher's Stone (14.29%)

Titan Glove Titan's Glove (14.29%)

Compass Compass (14.29%)

Magic Dagger Magic Dagger (14.29%)

Star Cloak Star Cloak (14.29%)

Light Disc Light Disc (14.29%)

Cross Necklace Cross Necklace (14.29%)

A Mimic IS an Uncommon Hardmode enemy disguised as a Chest , appearing as the type for the environment Appropriate Chest. Mimics Can BE spawned by the Player Using the Chest Statue , Even PRIOR to Hardmode, but These do Not Drop Any coins or items Besides the Mimic Banner==Spawn== Mimics can spawn as:-

  • Brown chests on land.
  • Gold chests underground.
  • Shadow Chests in the Underworld.
  • Ice Chests in Snowy Biome.


  • Mimics will not show up on the map as chests.
  • They can be spawned pre-hardmode using a chest statue, but won't drop any coins or items apart from its banner.

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