New Minishark
'Half shark, half gun, completely awesome.'
Type Weapon / Crafting material
Damagae 6
Max stack 1
Velocity 7 (Insanely fast)
Rarity GREEN
Buy / Sell 35 GoldCoin Small / 7 GoldCoin Small

The Minishark is a Pre-Hardmode Ranged Weapon that is sold by the Arms Dealer. It does very low damage, but is the fastest gun in the game, making up for its other fault. It also has 33% chance not to consume ammunition (1 in 3).


The Minishark can be bought from the Arms Dealer for 35 Gold Coins. It cannot be obtained in any other way.


  • The Minishark is useless during Hardmode, till the The Destroyer is defeated, so then the player can craft the Megashark.
  • The Minishark cannot get the Unreal prefix, because it has no knockback.