Mother Slime
Mother Slime
Type Slime
Health 90 Heart
Attack 20
Defense 7
Drops 75 CopperCoin Small

Gel Gel 1-2 (100%)

Slime Staff Slime Staff (0.01%)

The Mother Slime is a very large Slime that spawns underground. It behaves like all slimes, but is a lot stronger than most. In addition, when killed, 2-3 Baby Slimes spawn in it's place. This may cause surprises in newer players who are not expecting more enemies to fight. Sometimes if the yellow arrow or name is not above the Mother Slime it can make the Mother Slime difficult to see.



  • Similar to Baby Slimes and Black Slimes, the Mother Slime blends into the background of the Cavern layer.
  • Explosive weapons, like Grenades work well when fighting the Mother Slime, as the explosion can destroy the Baby Slimes upon her death.

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