Mourning Wood
Type Monster/Mini Boss
Health 12,000
Attack Melee: 120

Slow Missiles: 120

Fast Missiles: 75

Greek Fire: 70

Defense 25
Drops 1 GoldCoin Small

Spooky Wood Spooky Wood 30-50 (100%)

Cursed Sapling Cursed Sapling (2-20%)

Spooky Twig Spooky Twig (2-20%)

Spooky Hook Spooky Hook (2-20%)

Necromantic Scroll Necromantic Scroll (2-20%)

Stake Launcher Stake Launcher (2-20%)

Stake Stake 30-60 (100%) (with Stake Launcher)

Mourning Wood Trophy Mourning Wood Trophy (100%) (During Wave 5)

Mourning Woods are monsters that spawn during the Pumpkin Moon event. They shoot flaming projectiles that deal considerable damage to the player, even with over 80 defense.


Mourning Wood have 3 different kind of attacks:

  • Shooting fire projectiles (called Greek Fire) that pierce through solid objects
  • Spraying a cluster of lingering flames onto the ground
  • Hurting the player by touch (melee damage).

Occasionally, they may also shoot out different flaming projectiles that do significantly more damage than the more common ones. These projectiles appear less often and have less projectiles per barrage.


The best strategy for taking out Mourning Wood is to use ranged attacks, as their piercing shots come at random intervals and are difficult to dodge. Ranged or Magic Weapons are recommended as they are not affected by knockback.


Notes Edit

  • Mourning Wood can bypass closed doors by somehow leaping over them.
  • At later waves, three or more Mourning Wood can appear at once, up to around ten simultaneously in wave 15. The higher the wave, the higher the chance for the Mourning Wood drops. 
  • Mourning Wood does not take damage from lava.
  • In certain situations, Mourning Wood can pass through solid blocks when attempting to reach the player.
  • Take note when Mourning Wood stops walking; this is a sign that he's about to attack.

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