An NPC (Non Playable Character) is a automated character that can interact with the player and provide help. NPCs can be Vendors (meaning they sell items for coins) or Helpers (provide service for free/coins). NPCs cannot be directly harmed by the player, though they can take other forms of damage and


Sprite Name Spawns Sells/Helps
Guide On creation of world Gives information on what to do
Nurse Merchant is present Heals player
Merchant Player has 50 Silver Coins Sells basic tools and items
Demolitionist Player has explosives Sells explosives
Arms Dealer
Arms Dealer Player has bullets, or a gun Sells guns and ammo
Dryad Player has beaten a boss (except Lepus, King Slime and Wall of Flesh) Sells natural items, tells % of Hallow & Corruption
Clothier Skeletron has been beaten Sells Vanity Clothes
Mechanic When talked to in Dungeon Sells Electronics
Dye Trader Player has a dye Sells dye and related items
Wizard Hardmode is active Sells Magic Items
Painter 3 Town NCPs are acquired Sells Paint & Related items
Witch Doctor
Witch Doctor Queen Bee is defeated Sells Jungle-related items & Fountains
Cyborg Plantera is beaten Sells Rockets and other items
Party Girl
Party Girl 2% chance to spawn if 8 NPCs are acquired Sells Confetti & Other items
Steampunker 1 Mechanical Boss is beaten Sells Electronics (Teleporter, etc.)
Pirate Captain Pirate Invasion is beaten Sells Pirate-related items
Truffle House is built in Overground Mushroom Biome Sells Autohammer & related
Santa Claus
Santa Claus Frost Legion is beaten Sells Christmas Items
NPC 37
Old Man Dungeon Entrance

Summons Skeletron, turns into Clothier

Stylist Spider Nest Hair Dyes
Traveling Merchant
Traveling Merchant Random Spawn Special Expensive Items
Angler On Creation of World Gives Fishing Quests


  • The Old Man is the only NPC who will not move into a house.
  • The Truffle NPC has a glitch that he won't spawn even if the requirements are complete.
  • The Pirate and Witch Doctor NPC get quotes mixed up with the Party Girls quotes
  • The Pirate NPC has the Cyborg's quote when the Cyborg says Diologue:258
  • The house must have a chair, a table, light, a 6x10 house, and walls for them to move in.

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